SMACGUM® is a raw rubber material used in composite manufacturing.
We developed 3 variations for tailored applications:

Elastic Linking:
• Brings local fl exibility between two parts while joining and making them integral
• Allows to create seals and gaiters at the end of composite parts

Shock & Vibration Damping:
• Vibration / Noise reduction of several decibels for the acoustic comfort improvement
• Increase the product reliability & reduction of fatigue stresses supporting a longer life time

Silicon Rubber for Tooling:
• More economic than existing US products
• High elongation & high strength performances
• Very high durability and maximum reusability



Download the SMAC SMACGUM Range Data sheet


Download the SMAC SMACGUM S50-01 Data sheet


Download the SMAC SMACGUM D50-01 Data sheet


Download the SMAC SMACGUM C50-01 Data sheet