The strength of SMAC solutions is based on 3 core competencies:
• the formulation of elastomeric materials such as SMACTANE®, SMACSTIC® and SMACSIL®, etc.
• the R&D department: creates innovative solutions using most modern calculation and simulation tools
• the in situ laboratory (stactic & dynamic tests) to test products performances

Thanks to these three know-hows, SMAC has been able to develop a single expertise in the dynamic shock absorbers manufacturing.

Still used in harsh environment, this disposal is intented to annihilate natural frequencies for an optimal equipments use (e.g.: submarine screws, aircraft fuselage, nuclear plant pipes…).

SMAC, a complete range of standard shock absorbers such as gyrolaser shock absorbers for aircraft and missiles.

SMAC, the European leader in pyroshock atenuation for
• launcher applications
• sattelite applications
• microvibration isolators for observation satellites

We manufacture isolators with SMAC materials dedicated to space requirements such as SMACTANE®SP material which is qualified by the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA).

Since more than 15 years, SMAC is associated to main European aerospace programmes.

With our solutions, equipments are protected using specific isolators adapted to aerospace requirements.


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