SMAC has developed sound absorbing material dedicated to be used in aerospace and defence activities thanks to its good acoustic properties, its lightweight and its fire resistance properties.

When to use SMACFOAM®?
SMACFOAM® SOUND ABSORBING can be used to reduce sound transmission and provide sound absorption in tiny, confined but also wide spaces in aircraft, helicopters, battleship, trucks, trains, etc…

SMACFOAM® Features
• Lightness and acoustic attenuation properties
• Radiant panel fl ammability: FAR25-856
• Max operating temperature: 85°C / 185°F
• Thermal insulation
• Hydrophobic treatment of the foam
• Foam wih fi re resistance properties and compression set performance
• SMACFOAM® panels junction can be made with SMACTAPE®


Download the SMACFOAM® SOUND ABSORBING Data sheet