SMAC Policies


Our Customer satisfaction constitutes the main stake for the development of our company and the MontBlanc Technologies Group.

To face this stake, we firmly promise in all our activities to:

♦ To increase customer satisfaction by the establishment of a close partnership aiming for the full comprehension of their waits and the meeting of defined requirements as regards to performances, cost and time.
To offer Quality services
by the incessant improvement of our proceed and method skills and by the upholding of our expertise and material resources.
To favor our development
by the promotion of a healthy and stimulant environment, suitable for the creativity, the professional realization and the workforce.
To apply high quality criteria to our suppliers
establishing lasting relations and confidence climate based on mutual respect.

The Quality Manager, the Management representative, has the task to communicate the Quality culture and to promote the Quality continuous improvement within all departments.

Top management allocated him power and adequate resources in order to identify all anomalies regarding the Quality system and to undertake appropriate actions to solve them with efficiency and durability.

We ask to each employee of the company to be implicated in the implementation of this policy and in the awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization with professionalism and competitiveness.


SMAC is  ISO 14001 certified since October 22, 2013. In this context, We are committed to respecting the main thrust of our environmental policy :

The Control and Reduction of our impact on the environment: reduction of our waste products, of our non-recyclable waste and our energy consumption, control of our water rejection, taking into account all out pollution risks.
The awareness of our employees to our effective environmental practices, at all hierarchical levels, throughout  the company.
The association of our suppliers and service provider companies in our environmental approach.
The respect of statutory requirements applicable to our core areas of expertise and their environmental aspects.

The Environment Manager uses and enforces this policy and keep us informed of its execution. He will be provided the full support and resources required to meet our objectives. Performance measures will be calculated, analyzed and reviewed each year during the management review to ensure continuous improvement of the environmental management system approach.
Our commitment will be displayed throughout the company and provided to all employees as well as being posted for free access to all interested parties on our website. This approach is a shared responsibility by all involved, both individually and collectively. Your involvement in the execution of this approach is as important as my personal commitment to it.

Therefore I rely on your active participation, you can rely on ours.

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