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composite damping smac

Applications and benefits:

  • Cured version: damping for composite structures, acoustic purpose following mechanical stresses, impact & splintering protection composites parts
  • Uncured version: flexible terminaison of a composite structure, flexible liaison between two composite parts
  • Excellent stability-to-weight ratio
  • High reliability of damping material


  • Compliant with — FAR 25 853(a)(1)(ii) & FAR 25 856 F part VI
  • Used in combination with CFRP, GFRP, thermoplastics & meta
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) available one side or two sides
  • Uncured range available

SMACWRAP® Composite damping solution

The composite damping material SMACWRAP® consists of a lightweight & a high damping viscoelastic material. It is compatible to curing of prepregs or pre-impregnated composite fiber processes.


The damping material is sandwiched between the structure and a constraining layer (shear deformation). So the vibration energy is converted into heat energy. This solution has been engineered to significantly improve behavior under impact and to reduce sound characteristics & structural vibrations.


The composite damping material SMACWRAP® is also available in an uncured version providing either a flexible terminaison of a composite structure or creating a flexible liaison between two composite parts. This version is vacuum bag and autoclave compatible.


SMACWRAP® is delivered in rolls .

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Thin Composite
Damping Material

  • 0.12 mm Thickness
  • 130 gr/Sqm

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