Provides acoustic damping

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structural damping smac

Features and benefits :

  • Very High Damping
  • FAR25-853a & FAR25-856a
  • Ready to use


  • Long service life
  • Easy handling and integration
  • Thin & lightweight design


SMACSONIC® is a high performance acoustic product range dedicated to commercial aircrafts, helicopters, business jets & VIP conversion centers.

It is composed of thin layer of aluminum bonded on SMACTANE®, a proprietary viscoelastic rubber and a pressure sensitive adhesive.


This product dissipates mechanical energy, structural damping vibration and reduces noise thanks to skin damping principle constraining the viscoelastic layer in shearing deformation.


SMACSONIC® is available in 540x540mm pads or in kits of needed shape.

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Damps Vibration
Reduces Noise

  • 6 Products range
  • 500 Aircrafts equipped

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