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  • Elastomer rubber bumper for racing cars with various dynamic properties (damping & elasticity) on European races as F1, F2, F3, Indycra, GTE racing… 
  • Innovative damping solution developed to address the new requirements coming from the composite manufacturing. This smart solution allows introduction of damping material during the composite manufacturing, thus saving weight, space, energy while insuring very high damping (then acoustic) performances
  • Very high damping product thanks to its innovative shape and damping material. Permits very high shock and vibration reduction for light equipment like gyros, accelerometers, electronic PCB, quartz, HDD, etc… in racing cars
  • “Bibs” elastomer may complete the composite structures to ensure tightness. Panels can also be connected by very flexible structures. Our solution: fine elastomeric raw sheets cured at the same time as the composite materials, providing perfect insulation

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  • FIA F2 Winner

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