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acoustic insulation and anti vibration mounts

Since more than 15 years, SMAC is associated to main European aerospace programs and confirms its technological advance in the development of innovative viscoelastic solutions.


Partner for your projects of launchers, spacecrafts and space subassemblies, SMAC is specialized in the design, the development and the manufacturing of solutions to reduce pyroshocks, acoustic load and micro-vibration in various space applications.

With our solutions, equipment are protected using specific isolators adapted to aerospace requirements.

our materials are qualified by the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY

Launch Vehicles

Pyroshock cancellation

Structural damping

Launcher applications


Satellites & Spacecrafts

Microvibration isolation

Structural damping

Composite damping

Soundproofing material

Pyroshock cancellation


Satellite payloads

Optical communication

Reaction Wheel Isolation

Damped Strut technology

Isolators for earth observation

Optical microvibration isolation

Electronic pyroshock protection

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